Where the Wild Things Are

I adored reading as a child. When I was old enough to walk and climb around, mom would often find me in my bedroom up on my rocking chair, flipping through books and looking at pictures before I could even read. I even remember when Dad started reading chapter books (the Boxcar Children, to be exact) to us…I was slightly confused at the lack of photos but my frustration didn’t last long as I learned to use my imagination. And once I did that, when I was old enough to get on the computer and learn how to type (GO TYPING TUTOR FIVE! YEAH!), I would sit for hours and type up all these scenes and stories, totally oblivious to the world around me.

I still love reading. When I find a book that just completely captures my attention, I’ll pick it up every second I have…in the morning waiting for my coffee to brew, while I’m stretching after running, late into the night with my little clip-on light.

My little brother called me this morning on the way to class telling me he was SO EXCITED about a new movie coming out…it happens to be the movie of a book my brothers and I read often when we were little. Since books have always been somewhat magical to me, I’ve always loved when movies are adapted from books. I know some people get hung up on, “Well, the book was way better” or “The movie was way better” but I love them both.

Putting this trailer on here didn’t really warrant this long introduction, but oh well.

I can’t WAIT til October…

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