row, row, row your boat…

Greetings, happy uneventful Tuesday to you from the land of file cabinets, glittering office supplies, reems of paper, and lunch breaks! *bow* I come bearing gifts of great wisdom and insight….kind of….

In light of my recent posts, I have stumbled across a devotional that really resonates with me. It talks about the story of Peter walking on the water towards Jesus, only to sink when he eyes the towering waves and approaching storm. I’ve always tried to put myself in Peter’s shoes (or sandals, rather). Would I have stepped out onto the water in the first place? Will I, should God ever ask me to? When will God ask me to get out of this boat? (I think I actually tried ‘walking on water’ as a child in the kiddie pool when I heard this story. I also recall sitting on my bed cross-legged, asking God to bring me my socks from the drawer of my dresser just to prove He was real. I’m glad I moved on from this test. He failed it anyways.)

I like to think that not only do I know what that looks like, to leave the security of the boat, but that I know what my response will be. Psh, of COURSE I would leave the boat. Duh. I would gladly leave the security of this comfortable life for an adventure on the high seas, traveling and doing missionwork and writing books and being used by God. Just say the word and I’m GONE.

But, if you think about it, things are usually a little backwards with God. You know…a million years is like a day to God…darkness is light to God…and you get the idea. So when I say to myself, Self, you’ve got God figured out, that’s usually a red flag that I am actually completely off-base and I need to kick my own hiney off my own high horse.

My point? My point is maybe I have already stepped out of the boat.  For example, after college, I never wanted to date Cody ever again (check), I never wanted to move close to where I grew up (check), and I never…EVER…wanted to work at an office job (double-check this one since I’ve been here a year now).

Maybe God decided to send my life into the bottom of my “thingsInevereverwanttodo” list  to teach me a lesson: that I don’t know. I don’t completely know Him, I don’t know what His purposes are, I don’t know what His reasons are, I don’t know what His plan is, and I most certainly don’t know what’s best for me.

The devotional goes on to highlight another not-as-well-known story of Peter, Jesus, boats, and water.

 In John 21:7, Peter gets out of the boat once more to meet Jesus, but this time splashes right into the waves. Peter wasn’t motivated by the thrill of walking on the water, not by the praise he might receive from the other disciples or even by the thought of doing something wonderful for God.  Peter got out of the boat simply because that’s where Jesus was; and walk, sink or swim, he desired to be with the one he loved.

I think I, and maybe you too, should make sure that if and when we’re getting out of the boat, we’re doing it because our eyes are on Jesus. Not just to see ourselves walk on top of the waves.


2 thoughts on “row, row, row your boat…

  1. Hey beauty! I read your blog the other day and I had to laugh because so much of it resonated with me! I said I would never work with YWAM. I said I would never work with high school kiddo’s! Both of which I am doing or have done intensely and I love it! I love that God knows us so much better than we know ourselves! I think that when we say ‘never’ he chuckles! I have this visual of him sitting back with this big grin on his face! Oh and also, I have been inspired by your photos along with Julie’s to capture more of normal life! : ) I love seeing your photos! Good on ya for sticking with it everyday! Love you loads and miss you! We should skype soon! Love, Megan

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