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When Anxiety Won’t Leave

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using the Marco Polo and Voxer apps an awful lot since we all became quarantined in March. It’s been the ultimate way to communicate to out of town friends and family as we all navigate this chaotic pandemic. I won’t lie; it can be a little overwhelming… Continue reading When Anxiety Won’t Leave

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A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Usually, I love New Year’s. I love the new calendar, the planning, the goal-setting, and the feel of a fresh start. I love re-committing to everything and thinking about how amazing it will feel when I finally do all the big things this year I ever wanted to do: write my book! Run a marathon!… Continue reading A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

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How to Keep From Going Batsh*t Crazy

Sometimes this world, guys. I don’t know. It’s so messed up. I know you have those moments too. Wildfires and mass shootings and nasty politics. It’s just one big dumpster fire. All of it. At least it feels that way. It makes you want to go batsh*t crazy. (I am sorry, but I just couldn’t… Continue reading How to Keep From Going Batsh*t Crazy

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How I Survive Summer With My Kids

School is finally out. And with that comes hot days, sunshine, the pool, and the kids at home full time. As a stay-at-home mom, summers never felt different to me than any other season.  Kind of like the weekends. “Yay. Here we all are…together. Again.” In general, I actually get really, really excited about summertime.… Continue reading How I Survive Summer With My Kids

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When our (Minecraft) world falls apart

While Friday nights aren’t nearly as exciting as they were before kids, I still look forward to them.  Every Friday night, we make hot dogs and macaroni for dinner, put our pajamas on early, and have a movie night with ice cream. I love these nights because everyone can finally relax after a long week.… Continue reading When our (Minecraft) world falls apart