I am a freelance writer born and raised in the Midwest. I attended IU University, where I studied Journalism and English. I have professional experience in journalism, marketing, business development, blogging, editing, and compiling/writing proposals and newsletters.

I inherited my dad’s wit and my mother’s blue eyes, but I have a take on life that’s all my own.

I adore people. I adore writing. I really adore combining the two. Every person, every company, every group has a beginning and a story.

Let’s meet over breakfast or happy hour so I can help you tell yours.




  • Whether you need help organizing your book or you need feedback on the content of your website, I can help you think through and edit your project to make it simple and effective without losing your sense of style.


  • I love writing, and lucky for you, that means all types: blog posts, newsletters, advertising blurbs, ghostwriting, instructions, summaries, interviews, research, or even a dating profile. I’m game for whatever project you’re working on.

Contact me at jamie.hergott@gmail.com.