I’ve worked with Jamie for over 2 years now and hope to for years to come. I publish 3 magazines on the west side of Indianapolis and couldn’t manage the high stressed volume of things that come with this job without the professionalism and reliability of someone like Jamie. She’s always positive, and her level of detail makes the editorial side of my job that much more enjoyable.
-Darren Boston
Avon Magazine, Brownsburg Magazine & Plainfield Magazine Publisher

Jamie has become a valuable member of the Visit Hendricks County Insider Blog writing team. Always punctual, her contributions can not be overstated. I never worry about any assignment Jamie is given as she provides well researched and written stories about our destination while covering a variety of topics. She never turns down a story, is always eager and thoughtful in her reporting and writing, and truly is a joy to work with.
-Josh Duke
Visit Hendricks County Communications Manager

Jamie has faithfully written articles for our non-profit’s monthly newsletter for several years, and still manages to craft fresh, energetic and meaningful content for each issue. She has mastered the balance of composing meaningful, well-researched content in a way that is relatable and inspiring. Jamie pours love, personality and creativity into the writing she does for us. She is a joy to collaborate with and will add value to any project she is a part of.
 -Jessica Evans
Purchased Founder & Director

I have worked with Jamie for a couple of years on our church blog. I’ve been impressed with Jamie’s level of professionalism and experience. She leads our team of volunteers in creating and editing great content, scheduling blogs, and casting vision for how the blog engages our readers. Jamie has a great balance of creativity, vulnerability, and professionalism in her writing, and has never failed to hit a deadline. Jamie was so competent and hard-working as a volunteer that I felt very comfortable handing over the leadership of the blog to her. And to cap it off she’s very easy to work with and get along with!
Nick Morrow
Common Ground West Pastor

Jamie has been a great asset to my writing.  She is timely and attentive to details.  The greatest value she has added to my work is a desire to know my intent.  She also took time and great care to make sure she understood me as a writer.  I would highly recommend Jamie for your editorial and writing needs.
-Jeff Krajewski
Common Ground Christian Church Pastor