It doesn’t take much.

I will admit that it is pretty easy to get inspired when you’re pregnant. Your hormones are crazy, your emotions are up and down, and you look at the world completely different when you’ve got a person wiggling around in your belly. Something about having the ability to GROW AN ENTIRE HUMAN BEING within the confines of your pelvis evokes a certain amount of renewed hope in the world.

While some inspirations are a bit ridiculous…such as inspiration to paint the entire interior of your house before the baby comes, sanding and painting every piece of furniture so it’s all baby-fied, swearing you’ll write about every tiny thing your baby does as she grows…some are otherwise genuinely enlightening and worth sharing. Last week, I was listening to Air 1 at work and Jars of Clay was on the air helping to promote  Blood Water Mission , an organization they founded to put wells in African communities in order to provide clean water. Specifically, they were asking for donations to reach the goal of their Well Done Project, which was to provide wells for 1,000 African communities within five years.  When Air 1 or KLOVE have their pledge drives, I typically don’t listen because I don’t feel compelled to give, and this campaign was very similar to a pledge drive. They were asking for money all day long.

But this particular organization intrigued me so I kept listening, and I got to hear some stories of the trips Jars of Clay took to Africa before they started Blood Water Mission. One of the band members said that on one of their tours of the villages, he saw some Africans digging holes in a dry creek bed and putting their faces in it. He asked his tour guide what they were doing, to which he replied, “Trying to drink water.”

This reminded me of an ad I saw in Relevant recently that looked like this:

As I sat and thought about the stories I was hearing, I began to get sad. I can’t imagine drinking water like that, let alone giving it to my child. But how many moms, forced by dehydration, HAVE to drink this, hoping it doesn’t affect their unborn child? How many have given it to their children because they have no choice, knowing it’s probably laced with bacteria and disease?

Interestingly enough, that same day, I was scheduled to volunteer with World Vision at a concert just down the road from my house. I was to help concert-goers who came to our booth sign up to sponsor a child. It only costs $35 a month to sponsor a child. That’s $1 a day. That’s LESS than a date night. That’s a trip to the movie theater. That’s several trips to Starbucks for a latte and a pastry. That’s treating a friend to lunch. And while those things are not bad at ALL (trust me, I’m a big fan of all of them), it’s crazy that we’d only have to give up ONE of those…one of those dates, one of those nights…to give ONE family a better life. Sponsorships pay for school, medical care, food, etc.

In light of having my own child, I tear up at the idea of not having what Heidi needs. Sometimes I can get ridiculous, worried I won’t the right high chair, the safest car seat, the most practical stroller. But I don’t have to worry that I’m not giving her enough food or vitamins during my pregnancy. I don’t have to worry if my breast milk will be laden with bacteria. I don’t have to worry that maybe we won’t have medical care in case she needs it. I just….don’t. And that’s an immense blessing I often take for granted. Because when I picture another  mom planting her face in a dry and dirty creek bed because she is pregnant and tired and thirsty, I feel a connection with her as a mom and it feels so unfair.

So in light of being inspired by Blood Water, in light of the ease of child sponsorship, in light of this little inspiration growing in me, I take this opportunity to use my blog to speak for those who can’t. It’s much easier to help than we realize. It’s a challenge and it’s a privilege to have enough to give. And it’ s a tribute to the God who gives us more, every day, than we could ever ask for or imagine.

 “A great many things have gone wrong
with this world that God made…
and God insists, and insists very loudly,
on our putting them right again.” -C.S. Lewis

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