In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee…

    Like much of America, coffee runs my life. It helps me wake up, go to work, make decisions, and get dressed. Wait. Maybe I said that out of order…. ANYWAYS. Last night, I decided it was time to clean out our coffeemaker after a year and a half of use. It has literally been taking an HOUR to brew 8 cups in the morning (which is actually only about four coffee cups….those measurements are always so small. Kind of like two Oreos is one serving. Psh.)
I was talking on the phone to Laura while also attempting to read the directions. It said in lieu of Mr. Coffee cleaning solution, I could use undiluted, white vinegar. Hm. I read it like five times to make sure I was not mistaken. I am pretty sure I wasn’t. So I dumped three cups of vinegar, turned the pot on, and walked away.
Within half an hour,  I heard Cody shout an expletive from the kitchen. I rushed from the office to find that the coffee pot had leaked vinegar  ALL OVER the kitchen counter. *Ugh* We got some towels and tried to mop it up, but that vinegar smell that sticks to your nose hairs was still strong. Gross.
I couldn’t figure out how this happened, as I had made an entire pot of decaf coffee when I got home from work. So what’d I do? I poured another pot of clean water in to rinse out the coffeemaker of vinegar.
Now….why would I do this, seeing as how the vinegar leaked all over the counter? I HAVE NO CLUE MAYBE BECAUSE I NEEDED MORE COFFEE.
Instantly, a pool of water began to spread so fast from under the coffee maker, I almost didn’t get it to the sink before the whole pot of water was splashing onto the counter and the floor.
So Cody ran to buy a new coffeemaker at Target last night at 10pm because he couldn’t bare to endure his birthday (today) without coffee.
And what have I learned from this comedy of errors?
    1) Try learning from your mistakes. *Yes, self, I am talking to you*
    2) If it’s broke, don’t try and fix it. Just throw it away and buy a new one.
    3) If it’s broke because of something you did, don’t bother to learn what you did wrong. Repeat step 2.
In all seriousness, coffee has been a sweet staple in our marriage (not a staple like God and love and faith and commitment…but a staple  more like chocolate or snuggling or Scrabble). We share coffee in the morning when we can, coffee out by the firepit on cool nights, and coffee when we have something serious we need to discuss.
So really the new coffeemaker was a wise investment.
Plus it has a timer on it. So it brews automatically in the morning at 6am. Which, let’s be honest, is what I really wanted in the first place.

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