I’ve got this puppy dawg…

Cody and I have the best dog in the world. I know lots of people say that about their dogs, but this one’s for real. Since we don’t have children, we talk about him a lot. Oh, just last week Hershey did the cutest thing…I was so mad at Hershey yesterday I had to discipline him…I got Hershey some of these new treats…can you believe it when he did blablabla? It’s kind of ridiculous really, especially when our friends are talking about their kids and we can’t stop talking about how happy we are Hershey didn’t go poo in the house last week when we forgot to leave him gated in the kitchen.

There are lots of great things about him. He always greets us with immense joy when we stumble out of bed in the morning and when we come home from work. He forgives us quickly. And he’s just really…really…cute.

But he does have one fault.  Something that really frustrates me.

He follows me around everywhere. I mean, this dog follows me every time I get up to get a drink, he follows me as I am making dinner and walk from the fridge to the stove to the pantry to the sink and back to the stove, he follows me if I even go to the bathroom (he sits or lays right there by the door until I come out…he has also done this to guests too, and I’m not sure how they feel about it). If I go somewhere he can’t go (he’s not allowed in our bedroom, and he knows he’s not supposed to go out into the front yard unless we let him), he will wait patiently for me to return. He sleeps right outside our bedroom door in the hallway. He lays at the foot of the couch while we are watching tv. He sits and watches stoically as we do yardwork or mow the yard.

But just the other night, I was laying in bed and thinking about this as it was thunderstorming outside. We let him sleep in our room during thunderstorms because they freak him out, and so my hand was draped over the side of the bed, patting his head. I think Hershey is a much better follower than I am. He follows without question…regardless of where I’m going…regardless of it’s exciting or not…and he’s perfectly content either way.

I think as I am trying to follow God, I like to say I’m seeking Him when really I’m more of a backseat driver. I’m pointing out the windows saying, Turn here, that looks awesome! Oh hey, let’s go here! BRAKE, watch out! I think I know what’s best, I don’t like being bored, and I don’t really want to wait around for something to happen. I don’t want to do mundane things, I want to do what I want, and I certainly do NOT have time for a long rest stop or a detour.

If I could just take after my dog…my fun-loving, butt-wiggling, tail-wagging dog…maybe I’d have a little more peace, a little more direction, and a little less confusion. If I could just be content with where  I am at, even if it’s doing the most menial of tasks, than maybe I would notice more what God is doing rather than what I think He’s NOT doing.

If we move, we move. If we’re going for a walk, we walk. If we’re going for a run, we run. And if we’re doing nothing and we wait…then we wait.

Pretty simple.

 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
       and lean not on your own understanding;

 6 in all your ways acknowledge Him,
       and He will make your paths straight. proverbs 3

2 thoughts on “I’ve got this puppy dawg…

  1. I wanna be more like Hershey just so everyone will greet me with a smile and tell me what a “good girl” I am 😉

    In all seriousness, I totally relate to this post, Jamie!

    1. HA, Andrea, I actually thought this morning I wanna be more like Hershey so I could sleep curled up in bed all day while it rained.

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