Stanford, here I come!

I’m goin’ to Stanford! *victoryfist*

Sorta kinda…

Ok, so I’m taking an online class. But STILL. Pretty sweet. I am so excited about this because it was kind of out of the blue. And after this morning, I think it’s a good move for me to make.

This morning I woke up and couldn’t fall back asleep. Cody usually leaves the house for work at 5:30 and I don’t need to be up for another hour. But once he left, I got up and made myself some coffee. I was feeling restless, but didn’t feel like sitting down and reading or watching TV. So I sat in front of my laptop, feeling the need to write. I almost didn’t because I had no idea what I wanted to write about.

I’m not sure if most wrtiers feel this way, but I felt a story somewhere in my head. Something that just needed to be written. I had no idea what it was. So I sat for a couple minutes, letting my coffee wake me up. Then a phrase jumped into my mind: “If you hesitate, you’re not living from the heart.” Hm, not bad, I thought to myself. And I ran with it. That was my first sentence and for the next 45 minutes came an entire scene involving Harper from the book Laura and I are writing.

The experience I had this morning makes me very excited about my online class I am taking. I almost didn’t take it, but Cody was very persistent that I pursue this writing gig and give it a shot.

Maybe I will give you a taste sometime soon. I got permission from my co-author/conspirator Laura so stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Stanford, here I come!

  1. “If you hesitate, you’re not living from the heart.” Um. WOW! If that from your own pretty little head Jamers? Because I immediatly wrote it in my quote book and attributed it to you. I love that. And I love that you ARE living from the heart. I’m excited for this class and can’t wait to hear about it as it gets going!!!

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