over it

So…it’s been awhile. Cody and I have been in Sioux Falls at a family reunion. We had a really, really great time. I just wouldn’t recommend riding in a five-seater car with five people for 30 hours on a regular basis. No. Definitely not. But you do what you want.

I have lots of fun stories and pics to share. But I’m at work. And today I’m just so over it.

Julie, my best friend since we were eight (17 years!), sums it up best in her message she left me today:

Julie: hi. i love you. come hang out. i have ice cream. it has your name written all over it. plus, adam has some m and ms stashed in his room. and i know where they’re hidden. so we can steal them. and eat them all. and swim in the ocean. and drink a pina colada…at the ocean. and sit in the sun. and get a tan. and not live 20 hours apart.

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