I Am

It is both difficult and easy to believe that God just is, no matter what happens in my life or around me. Everything is in, through, and for Him. And when we get boggle-eyed at that concept, we forget God is not meant to be understood. We can bulk at that all we want, but that truth remains. God is in us, and outside of us. And all we need to know is that ultimately He is love and He is good…even if that love and goodness doesn’t come to complete fruition until after this life.

God celebrates and delights in my friend Laura who is walking starry-eyed through her engagement right now…knowing full well God is handing her something incredibly sacred to tuck into her heart and bloom inside.

God comforts the pain and frustration of Julie as she battles questions about her current stress and struggles.

God leads Sam on a learning journey of wonder and reflection as she spends the summer in Nicaragua learning another language and exploring her faith in another setting.

God is nearby the grief and fear of the family of my sister’s best friend as her father-in-law is in the hospital after having suffered a stroke.

God’s face is on the faithful as they pray…often without seeming to get an answer, believing God will be faithful in His promise to answer.

I have lots of thoughts in my head today about all kinds of people and situations in my life. And I am thankful He is familiar with each of them and He encompasses all I want to be for each person. All I need to do is pray and just be.

“When will you understand that you are living and searching in error, because God means movement and not explanation.” -Elie Wiesel

2 thoughts on “I Am

  1. Sometimes I forget that we cannot possibly understand the depth of God’s planning and His presence, so thanks for reminding me that He always IS.
    Have a great week! =]

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