turtle in the road

Last night, when I got home from work, I was so relieved to be at home after staying in other people’s houses for three nights that I just threw my comfy clothes on a lay down on the couch with my book. But…the road called. So it wasn’t long before I ditched the book and went on a short run before the storms hit.

And it was fun!! It was a short, three-miler, but on the way I came upon another runner who looked about my age. She had a big smile on her face and she said, “Look out ahead! There’s a huge snapping turtle on your lefthand side!! He’s so big!” I smiled and said thanks. A turtle. Whoopee.

But she was right. He was huge. Easily a foot and a half with his big, fat tail. He was plopped on the side of the curb, probably from the afternoon storms. He wasn’t moving at all but he was very much alive. His leathery, fat body was kind of plastered to the curb. Fortunately, I was carrying my phone because the A/C guy was supposed to come to our house at any minute. So I snapped some shots and texted them to Cody. He immediately replied “Dang! Where is he?!” I continued to send him texts as I ran, laughing at his incredulousness. (Is that a word?)

I probably looked ridiculous. I can just see some old geezer grumbling, “Kids these days. Can’t even jog without texting on their stupid phones.” But it was a fun little discovery, and I was giddy I could catch him on camera. Cody stopped by to see if he was still there on the way home from work. But alas, he had gone.

Sometimes it’s fun to play kid again.

2 thoughts on “turtle in the road

  1. I imagine quite a few of Indiana’s wildlife got their lives and habitats relocated post-floods. I hope this one found its family.

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