outta here

I want to go on a trip.

I don’t care if it’s hot or cold, city or country, beach or forest. I want to see something new and refreshing. I want to see some different faces. I want to think different thoughts and break out of the routine a little bit and take lots of photographs and write about it.

I wish it was easier than it was.

4 thoughts on “outta here

  1. i want to come too, especially if you go to the dunes. i wan to go to warren dunes so badly now that we’ve talked about it. and the pic you included with the guy repelling or whatever he’s doing makes me want to go rock climbing. let’s do it. north-central florida = crappy and humid

  2. dude doesn’t a trip to just be outside and run around and swim and climb rocks sound AWESOME?! it makes me miss our VA beach trip. so fun….

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