Me? Golf?

Do you wanna hear something funny?

I mean. Funny. We’re talking hilarious. Boss-man (dad) is signing us up for a golf scramble in July with the superintendent of a school we do business with. As in…my score will count.

I have barely touched a golf club since I was 12. And it was miniature golf.

Actually, I’m sure I’ve touched a golf club since then. BUT…still. I might as well not have. And not only that, but I am also scheduled to go to a golf instruction and etiquette class next week with a marketing society I am now a member of.

What’s the God-lesson in this, boys and girls? Well. Let me tell you. The human body can be trained and conditioned for absolutely any activity. God has made such a dynamic creation in our bodies that it blows my mind. I am a pavement-pounding, rocking-out-ipod, sweaty, hardcore runner. So when I work out and when I run, it’s intense. That’s why I do it…I get cabin fever from being in the office all day. Why we can’t all just sign up and train for a marathon together is beyond me. I mean, it takes character and commitment to train for something like that. You really get to know the people you are running with. That just makes more sense to me…but who’s askin’ me. 😉

So if I can sit still long enough to learn how to play golf…my faith will be strengthened in a very real and tangible way. I will then believe absolutely anything is possible. 🙂

What have I gotten myself into?

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