have life. and have it abundantly.

I’m tired of myself.

I mean, I love myself. I think I’m great…and I think more people should think that about themselves. But I think for awhile, this blog has drifted casually between theological and spiritual tendencies and then to what I did over the weekend.

As if many people care that I got a new dining room set…unless you are my friends in town who come to eat on it.

So I am re-dedicating this blog to God. If you would like to know what I did over my weekend, you can ask. Or if you want to know piddly little things…like my favorite color, why I love my husband (well, that’s not that piddly), what great thing I added to our house…go ahead and ask. But there is too much life to be wrestled with and enjoyed and experienced. And there’s so much to learn and there’s too many of us who don’t take the time to learn from each other. And I’m learning a ton right now.

I am but a very small thing compared to God…and while I feel honored I might even be a tiny part of His work, everything should still point back to Him. Even my questions, confusions, frustrations, doubts, and convictions. And while I will still post pictures, and maybe sometimes give an update, it all just goes to show that God gives, but He also takes away. So this will certainly be a journey, and it has been for a long time.

You’ll also find I love to read books. I love to find God in places, people, things, but I really love to find Him in words and stories…

“They were strange books. They spoke about mercury, salt, dragons, and kings, and he didn’t understand any of it. But there was one idea that seemed to repeat itself throughout all the books: all things are the manifestation of one thing only…”

Paul Coelho, The Alchemist


3 thoughts on “have life. and have it abundantly.

  1. But it shouldn’t be about what people care to read. Blog for yourself, not for your audience. Personally, I love reading your blogs- religious or not.

    And I’ve never even met you. =]

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