photo update

Cody thrillin’ the kids with his magic tracks….Paul posin’ with his ladies emily and vicki last weekend for drinks at Friday’s…

Mother’s Day cookout at big brother Corey’s house (don’t my brothers look intelligent??)

This is all Dad could find in Corey’s freezer…and this is his new puppy. Fritz. Not called Fritz the Ditz for nothing.

My best friend’s very small and very cute I’mgonnahavetoworkdanghardtohavecuterkidsthanher daughter, Mikayla.

The gang. Or part of them anyways…resting after a hard day of mowing, edging and mulching.

And last fun fact of the day…Cody and I are getting published in a wedding magazine!! I got an email from our amazing wedding photographer Hilda (Angel Eyes Photography) saying the me and a couple other brides will be published on the newly-wed page of the July issue of ChicagoStyle Weddings! đŸ™‚ This is the photo they are using.

3 thoughts on “photo update

  1. Great photos, all of them. And congrats on being a magazine star!! I’ll have to buy a copy when it comes out!

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