my freakin' weekend

Sometimes, Mondays just call for bullets:

  • Here’s what I got done at the house Saturday while Cody was at work: mowed the lawn, cleaned all the windows (inside and out), got all the cobwebs down from all the ceilings and corners, swept off the front porch and got all the icky cobwebs out from the front door area, and then Sunday I washed all the floors. (superwoman…right here)
  • I had a quiet morning of coffee and reading Saturday. It was delectible.
  • I also visited Caitlyn and Mikayla Saturday morning…we sat around with our non-makeup’d selves to catch up and play with the baby.
  • Friday night, we got our dining room table from my sister because she got a new set…it looks awesome in our home and we are so thankful for a BIG table to have friends and family over to eat and to play games on!
  • We also went to an Indians baseball game Friday night. It was beautiful weather so we packed some sandwiches and snacks and got lawn seats. Later that night, we dozed off to the Office (we were playing catch-up, but I still haven’t seen the season finale, so don’t tell me what happens!!)
  • Yesterday, we worked on one of Cody’s rental houses with a bunch of friends from church…we got the whole lawn and all the mulching done in front of and behind the house. Any kind of work is so much faster and so much more fun with tons of people. Then a handful of them came over for dinner.
  • I made a roast in the crockpot for the first time yesterday and it was a HIT!
  • We played boardgames last night at our house…on our new big table. So fun.
  • I had a nightmare last night. I hate them, because I woke up at 3:30 a.m. stunned and wanting to call my big brother to make sure he was ok. Once I realized it was just a dream, I burst into tears. Cody had to pray me back to sleep…twice.
  • Because of the wonderful weekend, I felt really humbled and reminded by all God has blessed me with…sometimes I feel like I am waiting for something horribly tragic to happen to balance things out. I know that’s not right, but sometimes I can’t help but feel a little bit guilty. It doesn’t seem fair I have it so good. In my mind, anyways. Some may not think I have it that great. But I think that I do, and I feel really thankful. And I’m not trying to be braggadocious about it, I just wonder WHY. All we can do is ask God to keep showing us where we can give and share and be a part of more.

I guess those would be some of my joys too. I think this ‘count your joys’ exercise has really helped me gain persepective on the truths I’m allowing myself to live by. So…mission accomplished.

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