The countdown begins!!!

T minus five days until Mindy and I take off on our first (and only…haha) marathon!! TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES. It’s a little too late to claim insanity and bail, so here’s how we are preparing for the big day!

  • Fanny pack for cell phone, ID, and car keys. Check.
  • Protein bars. Check.
  • Awesome outfit. Check.
  • Awesome socks. Check.
  • Gatorade. Check.
  • Carb-loading kick-off dinner at Mindy’s on Wednesday…complete with lots of garlic bread. Check.
  • Knee brace. Check.
  • iPod loaded and charged. Check.
  • Chaffing cream. That’s Mindy’s job.
  • Plans to pick up race packets on Friday. Check.
  • Last long run this past weekend…8 miles. Check.
  • Carb-loading. Check.
  • Easy runs this week. Check.
  • Carb-loading. (Can never be too sure). Check.
  • Scanning/uploading pictures from high school track and cross-country. Mindy did this but I’ve yet to do it. Half-check.
  • Nerves. Check.
  • Carb-loading. Check.
Here we go, people!! This is your last chance to donate to an AWESOME cause. Help us put a well in Africa that will literally bring hundreds of people CLEAN WATER. Water they don’t have to walk miles for, water that won’t kill them, and water that will bring a community to life. Consider what you’ve been given in life, and make a gift in honor of all the beauty you enjoy every day. Click the link below.

God is wonderfully generous by nature; to give is His delight. His gifts are immeasurably precious and are given as freely as the light of the sun. He gives grace to His own because He wills it, to His redeemed because of His covenant, to the called because of His promise, to believers because they seek it, to sinners because they need it. He gives grace abundantly, seasonably, constantly, readily, sovereignly; the value of the blessings is doubled by the manner in which it is given. c.h. spurgeon

4 thoughts on “The countdown begins!!!

  1. Put your link on my FB page last week. Hope your donations just fly in between now and race-day. Can’t wait to read the after-race posts. Oh, and will you be posting photos of your carb-loading meals? Just remember that garlic makes your thirsty 🙂 Hug that cute kiddo of yours for me.

    1. Thanks Sher!! HAHA, I wasn’t planning on posting pics of my meals, but that is a GREAT idea!! I will start tomorrow, hopefully. Thanks so much for sharing my link and for your support. Hugs have been passed on. 😉

  2. I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to read all the details! I’m super jealous your race is almost here! Mine still seems SO far away! I don’t know what I was thinking signing up for an end-of-October marathon-should have picked one mid-month.

    Good luck! I know you’ll rock it!

    1. Thanks Anna!! When is yours?? I love keeping up with all the runners. Hang in there, it will be here before you know it. I AM SO NERVOUS.

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