I can do it by myself!

Oh my. My last post was in April. Which means since then, Heidi has changed drastically. In fact, she decided the week of her nine-month birthday, she would cut her first tooth, learn to crawl, and pull herself up in the furniture. Look who is Little Miss Independent. I couldn’t believe how fast she changed in that one week. She was a different baby on Friday than she had been on Monday.

We are still in the “crawling adjustment period.” I call it this because I feel like this new skill is something Heidi and I both need to get used to. As her mom, I need to realize how fast she can crawl out of a room. I have set her down, walked into the kitchen for a glass of water, and then gasped when I walk right back into the living room with Heidi being nowhere in sight. She is typically just behind the couch or hiding behind her toy box. But seriously, that kid is FAST. Heidi also needs to adjust to crawling because she doesn’t quite get the concept of “space” and “gravity” quite yet. I can’t tell you how many times she has tried to crawl directly off the couch or the bed. She’s never even SEEN Indiana Jones, so I have no idea where she got the idea that it would work.

One thing I love about this age, however, is she is able to do and appreciate so many things that she didn’t before. For example, trips to the park are so fun. She adores the swing with a love that is unequaled by anything else in her life. She can be on the swing for two minutes or an hour, and every single time we go to take her out, she arches her back and lets out a blood-curdling scream. She will scream all the way to her stroller. As sad as it is, it really is sweet because her face looks absolutely and completely heart-broken, and she will watch the swings, forlorn, as we walk away. She would live on the swings if we let her. She simply loves the wind in her face. Other favorites of hers include the jogging stroller and when mommy drives with all the windows down.

It’s bittersweet to watch my baby develop skills that make her more independent. More often then not lately, Heidi will push away a spoonful of baby food yet will shovel every piece of finger food I give her into her mouth by herself. When she’s exhausted, she will cry and beg me to put her to bed, but HEAVEN FORBID if I try and cuddle her on my lap. *tear* When I try and help her with her toys, like a puzzle for example, she smacks my hand away. MOM, I DO NOT NEED YOUR HELP. I am not looking forward to when she can actually say this to my face. The first time I walked into her room after a nap to see her standing up nearly took my breath away, but it made me giggle at the same time. The first time we watched her crawl made me smile so big. It was honestly kind of a rush.

As independent as she is, I love the fact that I still know what is best for her. As hard as she fights a nap I KNOW she needs, she nearly always gives in. As busy as she typically is, MUCH too busy to eat, she always gives in on that one also. She still depends on me and needs me and will for quite some time. (I can just hear it now…”Mom, can I have some cash to go the movies with my friends????”).

That’s the crazy thing about parenting. You spend so much time and energy falling in love with this little person. And yet you spend all your time and energy trying to teach them not to need you so much. It’s cruel, really. But completely amazing at the same time.



Heidi and the love of her life…

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