Guys and girls, trucks and dolls

One super fun thing about being pregnant (even during these recent very slow parts) is watching Cody handle the transformation. Sure, he was excited at first but now that my belly is starting to show, he will eyeball it now and then and say, “wow there really is a baby in there.” And he’ll say it in a very serious tone and then walk away with a pensive look on his face.

I am starting to notice guys and girls handle this pregnancy thing so differently.

Women not only think way too far ahead sometimes, but they tend to think kind of detailed and technical when it comes to baby. We think about: being ready when baby gets here, the nursery, being fully stocked with enough of every tiny thing before baby gets here, UM LABOR, breastfeeding, getting up throughout the night, if and how fast our bodies return to ‘normal,’ how will our marriage change??, will we ever have normal social lives again?, etc.

This is obviously becuase many changes are happening TO US. Our bodies, which we’ve always been fairly careful with, are suddenly changing and expanding in ways and at rates we cannot really control. So this whole baby thing becomes real for us way before it does for the guys.

Men think about the fun stuff. If it’s a boy, they think about Tonka trucks, someone to play ball with/wrestle with/rough and tumble with, championship games, their ‘little man,’ etc…OR, if it’s a girl, they are already practicing what they’ll say when her first date comes to the door (Cody has had the scene from Bad Boys 2 memorized when “Reggie” comes to the door since before we even got pregnant), daddy’s little girl, father/daughter dances, etc…

The differences are probably there for a reason. Everytime I start to fret about finances or what we’ll need or how different we will be or what we won’t be able to do, Cody has the perfect response.

“Babe, we’re having a kid. We’re not dying.”

*Whew* Thank God for husbands. For wonderful, not-stressed, we’ll-be-fine husbands. This is when the strengths of a marriage really work in our favor; when what makes me and Cody polar opposites is really what keeps us the strongest.

Though I must say, sometimes his responses aren’t exactly what I need to hear.

His favorite question to ask me is: “What’s the baby doing?” I try to keep up on the weekly developments but sometimes I just answer, “I don’t know.”

His response?

“Well, I gave you all the parts! Now it’s your job to put them all together correctly!”

Now that makes me a bit nervous about parenting.

Oh yeah. And here’s my new belly:

16 weeks…baby weighs 3 oz. and is 4-5 inches long. He/she is apprently making lots of facial expressions by now, including squinting, yawning, and grimacing. If it is a girl, I am already GRANDMA! (her ovaries already have all her eggs for her entire lifetime). I’m so proud of all my grandbabies!

16 thoughts on “Guys and girls, trucks and dolls

  1. Okay–so you made me cry…I remember when your mom had you. Jennifer and I took turns babysitting. When she moved up North, I spent a lot of time with you and Cory. It is great to see you having such a wonderful time with motherhood. Relax and enjoy. Before you know it Madison will be writing and you will be so proud.
    Amy Clevenger-Dirig

    1. Aw, Amy that is so sweet!! You know, I always remember you as our babysitter when we lived in Pittsboro, but I had no idea you were around when I was born! You probably remember so many funny stories. Did you know we have a home video from when I was probably three with you and Jenn in it?? You have really long permed blonde hair, braces, and you’re riding your bike and smacking your gum and trying to avoid the camera. Haha…and we have it in our family videos FOREVER! Thanks for the note….I LOVED your status today by the way, of your girls blaring the music and dancing at 6:30am. I can’t WAIT for those days. 🙂 I hear it goes fast.

    1. Thanks Andrea!! My favorite part about this blog is having other mom’s say OH MAN ME TOO!! 🙂 So fun.

    1. Melissa, THANK YOU! It’s funny because even though I’m not that big yet, I feel HUGE because my body is changing so fast. There’s no better cure than putting up a belly pic and having everyone tell you how cute you look…keep that in mind for when it’s your turn! 🙂

    1. Thank you sweets!! I admit, it is a little freaky. But that’s what my baby book says, and I don’t know who thought it was a good idea to FREAK out new moms even more. *eyeroll*

    1. Of course you can relate, this is why I keep you around. 🙂 *kisses*

      THANK YOU!! In the world of baby bumps, I want to grow up to be like you!

  2. AH hahaha, i love this. It cracks me up when you talk about how men and women think SO differently! But it’s so cool how, despite that fact, you and Cody support one another PERFECTLY! Love you guys!! *hug*

    p.s. CuTe BeLLy!!!

  3. Ha, Vicki, plus you and I have had plenty of conversations about those differences!! 🙂

    p.s. THANKS!

  4. Jamie, you look GREAT, I love the pic of the belly! Your notes bring me to tears…thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, Jamie.

    I hope you one day write a book and I shall read it everyday. You have such a way with words and I can relate to it all. Pregnancy looks good on you, girl! I was a mess! I had cankles and even my nose got fat! No joke. : ) You look fabulous!

    1. Nikki you are awesome. 🙂 Will you come to my book-signing???? I will give you a free copy!

      And thanks for the compliment; however, I still have lots of weeks to go so we’ll see how the rest of it plays out, HAHA. I retain water like the hoover dam (um…tmi??) so I am not beyond cankles. 🙂

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