little Advent

I love words. I love reading. I love quotes. I collect quotes like some collect stones and stamps. I used to get teased on the bus because every time I got on the bus, I would pull a book from the front pocket of my backpack and put my nose in it the whole way to/from school. They actually called me bookworm, which bothered me at the time but now seems totally uncreative.

 I was painfully shy as a kid, and wasn’t much for making new friends. As I got older, I took to highlighting/underlining/writing notes in my books as well. I would read a quote that just made my heart stop, and I would mark it. It was such a habit that I hated borrowing books from people because I had to be extra careful the whole time I was reading not to mark up their book. So I would keep a notepad nearby to write down sentences I loved.

I have a word document that’s nearly 75 pages long of quotes I have collected over the past ten years. (Actually, that’s a combination of a word document on my hard drive at home and one in my Google Docs…I heart Google docs). Sometimes I like to go and just scroll through and let the words seep in and remind me where I was when I read it the first time.

I did that this morning real quick because I had to add a song lyrics. And as I scrolled through, I found this awesome quote related to Advent:

“A prison cell, in which one waits, hopes …
and is completely dependent on the fact
that the door of freedom has to be opened from the outside,
is not a bad picture of Advent.”
– Dietrich Bonhoeffer,
German pastor and philosopher (1906-1945);
imprisoned and executed for his attempt to overthrow Adolf Hitler.

I love it because it’s a reminder that there are two Advents. We have the Christmas advent each year, where we celebrate the fact that Christ did come.  We anticipate the celebration of the birth of the Savior. We count down the days to the anniversary that changed the world.
But there’s another Advent…the Big Advent, if you will. And that is the waiting we are experiencing right now. Jesus is alive, and His Holy Spirit lives among us, but we anticipate the day He comes again to make everything right. Life seems so very unfair sometimes, with resources and money and food so unevenly distributed, with people who are so evil, and lives that are so broken. And that’s just how it is; we can’t exactly escape it. Not completely, anyways.
 But there will come a day, and I truly do believe it, when Jesus will come back and set us free from it. I sometimes forget to anticipate that freedom. We have freedom in Christ now, but can you imagine being in a world where babies don’t die, people don’t get beaten up, nobody steals or lies or cheats, and everyone has enough food and love to sleep peacefully at night?
Neither can I. But soon enough.

2 thoughts on “little Advent

  1. *like*

    And….. youtotallywontbelievethis (yeah right!) but umm, I have a quote book… a journal that I jot down quotes, sentences, highlighted portions from books, song lyrics, etc. that speak to me.

    We’re still the same. *victoryfist*

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