A Relevant quote…

Advent Day #2:

Cody and I subscribe to Relevant, but I also get their emails. There was an article about Advent that I really liked:

“But perhaps an even greater reality lies just beneath the surface. In many churches the first Sunday of Advent marks the beginning of the liturgical calendar—the church calendar that divides the year into celebrations of the many qualities of God. The church calendar reminds us we are in a story greater than ourselves; it pulls us out of the daily minutiae of life and trying to make it to the next day (or, in most cases, the weekend) and lets us know that we are, in fact, living in God’s reality, not our own.” –Relevant Magazine

I love this. Fabulous reminder. I think in my cubicle at my office, it’s easy to feel like ‘trying to make it to the next day’ is about as far as I finding lots of meaning in my work day. It’s good to be reminded of the much bigger, much more beautiful picture. This isn’t all there is.

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