a lot of somethings can add up to everything…

travel_trough_lifeTuesday night, I went with my friend Jess to see the iHeart Revolution movie (click here to see preview).

I have always wanted to travel, and this movie whetted my appetite even more. I know that I am shielded from so much because I am blessed to live here, but a part of me feels like I will never be totally well-rounded in my ideas and my perspective unless I travel, specifically to a third-world country. I’ve been to Germany, Switzerland, and Spain, but the parts I went to, while beautiful and different, were mere variations of life here in America.

Life is so unfair, and that fact has always really unsettled me. Especially regarding those who suffer. It doesn’t even have to be in some developing nation. It’s not fair that people my age become widowed or that children die of cancer or that some people are more prone to certain diseases and others aren’t….it’s not fair some people are born into wealth and privelege and opportunity while others are born into chaos and hate and bad decisions. It’s just not fair.

But it’s even more unfair that we can simply shut those things and people out. It’s so easy. There are so many distractions. We can hear about once in the paper or at church or in a youtube video and assume it doesn’t affect us and look away. Even as Christians. Or just as people in general. We stay so focused on our own lives…I am definitely guilty of this…because we feel we have to figure that our first before we are to help someone else. The common response: “I can’t even help myself; how am I going to help all those suffering people? Problem is too big. And I am far too small.”

I think our search for meaning in life ends when we look beyond ourself and try to see how we…our gifts and passions and joys and experiences…fit into the grand scheme of the human race. Why else would you be made so wonderfully and intricately? We don’t have to give up what we have; we just need to get creative! You love running? Run a marathon and raise money for world hunger. You love to dance? Join a dance-a-thon to raise money for your favorite cause or charity. You love kids? Volunteer at a local youth organization. You love to cook/knit/do crafts? Volunteer and teach the local poor to do something handy. You love to write? Write letters to those in prison. You love to travel?? *umyesplease* Do a mission or volunteer trip.

Think about it. Like the video says: Not everybody can do everything, but everybody can do something. And everyone doing something adds up to one big something. And if those little somethings are fun things we enjoy doing, how much more meaning will our lives have then?

Quite a bit, I am sure.

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say you didn’t know.”
William Wilberforce


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