I admit. I am non-committal.

I am so non-committal on this blog. Do you realize that? I want nothing more than to be a writer. And yet, when I log on to wordpress, I got nothin’. No stories, no inspirations. I always picture that I have this huge following on my blog and all these people go out and take the world by the tail because they are so inspired by the words I write.

In reality, there’s only a tiny handful of people who read it (my blog actually records how many people look a day, so I can’t even pretend I have a fan club). And you know what? That’s fine. Totally fine.

One thing I’ve been hearing a lot lately though is when you write (“you” meaning a person who considers themselves a writer by trade), you have to let the words push you instead of having to pull them. So maybe I should just stop trying to hard to be inspiring and wise. Maybe I should stop trying too hard at a lot of things. The pressure I put on myself is way unfair, and of course, metaphorical pressure is much worse than that of the literal variety.

In turn, I promise to you, my probably non-committal reader, that I will henceforth write about life…silly things, angry things, awesome things, daily things…the early morning coffee, the down-in-the-dumps days, the top-of-the-world days, the excitements, the disappointments, the sharing nachoes with friends…    I do admit, my increase in posting could mostly be selfish. I just need to WRITE more and I need to be held accountable.

Besides, these little moments are sacred, aren’t they? Life is sacred. Thus the tiny things that make it up, much like those tiny little dancing dots that make up a static tv screen, are all important. They don’t all need to be tied to a bible verse or to a big idea or be so exciting and blog-post worthy, but without even one, life could be vastly different.

And now I will proceed to preach this to myself in the mirror for the rest of the afternoon. *runsaway*

(Which, now that I think about it, doesn’t make a static tv screen a very good analogy of that, seeing as how you probably wouldn’t notice if there was a missing dot…..however…I assume you get my point).

2 thoughts on “I admit. I am non-committal.

  1. I am subscribed via google reader where I, committed reader, look forward to each entry. Here’s your accountability…. I enjoy reading each post and do not perceive the increased frequency in posting as something that would be selfish. Two other things:

    1. How did you do that cool post to Facebook where it had a little caption?
    2. How about hooking your loyal readers up with a little glimpse in to the life of Harper every once in a while 🙂

    Good to see you this morning. Hope to see you and the Mr. very soon.

    1. Eric,

      1. I actually just updated my status with the link in it and it did that by itself. *shrugs*

      2. YES! With the permission of my co-author-friend-writer, I will definitely post some scenes we have written!! As long as you promise to critique….

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