So the yard sale was a hit!!! Everything came together beautifully and we had a lot of fun.

Friday night, my dear friend Rachel who loves to bake, graciously hosted a baking FRENZY at her house for the yard sale. Me, her, and Mandy made chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, cranberry white chocolate biscotti, (then we took a break for pizza and a movie), cinnamon raisin scones, cranberry scones, and blueberry bars.


Rachel’s mother made rice krispie treats and no-bake cookies, and one of my coworker’s wife made cheesecake and chocolate bundt cake. *dies* So much sugar and delectibleness. (Not a word, I know. Moving on).

 So while I was baking, the rest of the Soaring Eagle Outreach (SEO) team set up the fellowship hall in the church. When I showed up at 7am Saturday morning, I coudn’t believe how much stuff we had acquired in five days!


We sold a lot between 8am and 2pm but still didn’t seem to make a dent in all our donated stuff. We gave away free coffee and sold almost all the baking items.  Once we get our money turned in with our paperwork, I think we’ll be able to start planning out our food pantry. How fun is that!


This is most of the crew…Kathy, Rick, Me, Carolyn, and of course the Schwann’s man in the back, who parked his truck and sold food in the parking lot during the ‘yard’ sale.  Not pictured: Carolyn’s boyfriend Mick and my sweet husband Cody. Click here to see the rest of our photos.

The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.
~1 thessalonians 5:24

3 thoughts on “*snap*

  1. you’re amazing.
    sounds like it was a successful day! i’m so excited for you and this new ministry venture!
    love you!

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