peace when I'm confused

It’s crazy how much sense the world makes through the lens of the bible.

That could really lead into a huge theological discussion, I’m sure, but I have been learning some simple things that comfort me in the midst of the daily grind. One thing that has aided me are these daily devotionals I get in my email. So I will attribute these quips to the website and encourage you to sign up too: www.truthforlife.org. They truly are a bright spot in my day and speak to what I feel and sometimes can’t put into words.

And they really are simple things:

1. It’s harder to be full than empty. When things are great…when we are comfortable, happy, well-fed, well-loved, and without trials, we tend to forget God. Not really on purpose, but where’s the need for Him when you seem to HAVE everything you need? I’m not saying sell all your stuff and throw yourself into a pit of quicksand (not to mention, where would you find quicksand in Indiana) but my point is, sometimes it never feels like enough. When things are good, we think of ways they could be better. And the vicious cycle never ends unless we can be content wherever we are. God is telling us there is more ‘life’ to be had in our current circumstances than we realize. Because He is all we need. So be thankful.

2. Life’s hard sometimes. Tough toodles. I know that I sometimes want all the blessings of God without having to work for them. I don’t want to have to perservere and learn joy in a situation I hate. But that’s what I am called to do and sure enough, it always end up changing me a little bit. It gives me a little more perspective, I realize things could be much worse, and if I don’t prepare myself with this and that little trial, I won’t be too prepared for big ones that may be down the road. “Great hearts can only be made by great troubles.”

3. We are children of God. Regardless of how we are feeling or what we are going through, we have been given this name. I don’t have to live by my fears, anxieties, and faults. They exist but do not have to run my life or ruin my days. I am God’s, and He promises that He has a plan, He’s working for the good of those who love Him, and that nothing can hold me back from pursuing what He has given me to love.

4. Be ok with where you are. My friends have been good about reminding me of this lately. We are such small-picture people….I am not having fun right now so I think I should move on. Whereas God is very big-picture…He sees how we will grow and change so that we can have fun later. He moves along with us so that we can get through this stage gaining wisdom and be prepared for the next. He WANTS us to have joy so when we don’t, it’s not really His fault. 🙂

Anyhow, those are my nuggets I’ve gleaned this week. Thought I’d share. 🙂

“We must absolutely do what we love,” she said, “or we run the risk of doing nothing at all.”

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