Photo update

Here’s the eating and story-swapping that made up Cody’s family reunion in Sioux Falls a few weeks ago.

Cody and I loved riding around town on his cousin’s quad.

Three generations of Hergotts. Wow, they even all smile the same…

My friend Val had her precious baby girl, Olivia Lynn.  Cody’s hand dwarfs her!

We recently had a fabulous weekend celebrating Erin’s (right) wedding coming up!! We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then went country line dancing. Cortney is on the left and Mandy is in the middle.

Labor Day party at mom and dad’s.

Family time at mom and dad’s…me with mom and big bro and sis.

Family is precious. I’m sitting here on my day off watching The Ellen Show and listening to Ellen interview Will Smith while I’m playing on my laptop. She asked him about being married to Jada Pinkett. He said they’ve been married ten years and it’s amazing what happens when you take away the option of divorce. Because he said when you’re married for awhile, your spouse is bound to say/do something that makes you want a divorce. And when the option isn’t there, you figure out ways to stay happy and to keep your relationship healthy. He said he is constantly reading up on how to be a better husband, a better father, how he and Jada went to Israel last summer to walk where Jesus walked, etc. I thought it was a very telling picture and a very good example of putting family first.

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