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Tiny teenagers and finding peace in the chaos

I had forgotten how three-year-olds make me question everything in life. It’s been three years since my oldest was three, and I can’t believe I forgot how tough the age of three was. Between the tantrums and the potty-training and the attitude and the tantrums and…did I say tantrums?… I struggle to keep up with… Continue reading Tiny teenagers and finding peace in the chaos


Revisiting Once Upon a Time

I recently attended my nephew’s wedding. It was gorgeous. Stunning. Beautiful. Fresh. Nostalgic. Emotional. Beautiful. Did I mention beautiful? Breathtaking. A perfect summer wedding at a vineyard with a forever blue sky and fields of green in every direction. They gazed at each other with so much love. There was so much tender touching…hands on… Continue reading Revisiting Once Upon a Time