How Cramming For Exams Prepared Me For Motherhood: Christmas Edition

I always hated cramming for tests in high school and college. I knew there was probably a better way, but I never managed to get myself to do it. So every time exams or projects came back around, I found myself scrambling, yet again. The stress would start to weasel its way in the week… Continue reading How Cramming For Exams Prepared Me For Motherhood: Christmas Edition

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How I Survive Summer With My Kids

School is finally out. And with that comes hot days, sunshine, the pool, and the kids at home full time. As a stay-at-home mom, summers never felt different to me than any other season.  Kind of like the weekends. “Yay. Here we all are…together. Again.” In general, I actually get really, really excited about summertime.… Continue reading How I Survive Summer With My Kids

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When our (Minecraft) world falls apart

While Friday nights aren’t nearly as exciting as they were before kids, I still look forward to them.  Every Friday night, we make hot dogs and macaroni for dinner, put our pajamas on early, and have a movie night with ice cream. I love these nights because everyone can finally relax after a long week.… Continue reading When our (Minecraft) world falls apart

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Slow and steady in 2018

I love New Year’s. While I am not much of a planner in general, I love getting everything squared away for a new year. The Christmas decorations have (sadly) been put away, the house freshly cleaned, closets and toys recently purged. My brain space feels sufficiently cleared to consider my goals, my plans, my dreams… Continue reading Slow and steady in 2018