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Slow and steady in 2018

I love New Year’s. While I am not much of a planner in general, I love getting everything squared away for a new year. The Christmas decorations have (sadly) been put away, the house freshly cleaned, closets and toys recently purged. My brain space feels sufficiently cleared to consider my goals, my plans, my dreams… Continue reading Slow and steady in 2018

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Tucked In: Present Storms & a Future Hope

It had been a long day. The dog days of summer had arrived and the heaviness of the heat seemed to stifle even in the house where the air was conditioned. We had finally adjusted to being together all day every day, me and the kiddos, but I still fell into bed exhausted each night… Continue reading Tucked In: Present Storms & a Future Hope

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Tiny teenagers and finding peace in the chaos

I had forgotten how three-year-olds make me question everything in life. It’s been three years since my oldest was three, and I can’t believe I forgot how tough the age of three was. Between the tantrums and the potty-training and the attitude and the tantrums and…did I say tantrums?… I struggle to keep up with… Continue reading Tiny teenagers and finding peace in the chaos

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First Day of Pre-K and Beyond

“Mom, I’m so excited to ride the bus!!” “Honey, you’re not riding the bus this year. That’s next year, for kindergarten.” “Oh right. But I’m going to school every day this year, right?” “Yup.” “I can’t wait! I am just remembering all the fun stuff we did last year!” And just like that, my chubby,… Continue reading First Day of Pre-K and Beyond

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When God Throws You In the Deep End

I was asked to periodically write the sermon reflections for my church here in Indy (Common Ground Christian Church West). Each week, we send out a little sermon summary with some reflection questions, thus it’s called the sermon reflection. I have been mulling over a blog involving my daughter Heidi’s swim lessons, and it leant… Continue reading When God Throws You In the Deep End